A unique experience, but then as a surprise!

Are you going to enjoy South Limburg in the near future, but are you still looking for fun, but

especially unique trips? Then you are at the right place at Watbeleef.nl.

Watbeleef.nl takes care of the organization of your trip. This can be done based on different categories. All you have to do is choose the category that suits you best. You then determine the price range, date and part of the day yourself. It is of course also possible to opt for several half-days. You can complete your reservation through our webshop.

3 days before the activity you will receive a text or whatsapp message with the first information. In this way you will know what time you should be present on the day of the activity and we will already calculate the estimated travel time. Of course we do not yet tell you what you are going to do, it will always be a surprise!

On the day of the activity you will again receive a text or whatsapp message with the latest useful information. Then the experience can begin.


In addition, Watbeleef.nl has been offering unique tours since this year. Do you want to experience South Limburg in a way you have never seen before? Then take a look at our website.


More info: www.watbeleef.nl